Income Tax

Tax rules change every year and it can be time-consuming to keep up. The professionals at Amity Trust can help ensure your tax return is prepared to your greatest advantage. Following are some tax situations we can help you with:

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Farm Returns
  • Small Business Returns
  • Estate Final Returns
  • Estate T3 Trust Returns

Our experienced team of tax consultants can also:

  •     Explain tax rules  
  •     Answer your questions
  •     Frequently find deductions others may miss
  •     Represent or assist you in case of a CRA audit

Taxes play an important role in our society and help with many good things like healthcare and infrastructure. However, you shouldn’t have to pay more than your fair share and we want to help ensure that’s all you’ll pay.

Get started today and be sure to include the tax checklist.

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