Last Updated: July 24, 2024

Deposit Rates1

GIC Rates
Term   Rate    
1 Year 4.50  
2 Year 4.30  
3 Year 4.25  
4 Year 4.15  
5 Year 4.05  

1Deposits with Amity Trust are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Your deposits are safe with Amity. We:

  1. Are licensed as a Trust Company by the Government of Saskatchewan
  2. Are regulated by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority for the Government of Saskatchewan (FCAA)
  3. Have an independent audit performed each year and we make our audited financial statements available to depositors upon request.
  4. Have a management team that is competent, conscientious and qualified. Christian values are critical to the investment choices we make. 
  5. Have the oversight of a board appointed by three controlling church bodies: Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, and the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches. 

Mortgage Rates2

Residential Mortgages
Mortgage Type   Rate
Floating – Open 8.25
Floating – Closed 6.00
1 year fixed 6.60
2 year fixed 6.20
3 year fixed 5.65
4 year fixed 5.45
5 year fixed 5.25

For more information on our mortgages, click here.

2Rates are subject to the merits of your application and may be lower or higher than the posted rate.

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