Tax Q & A

Tax Q & A - 2021 Tax Year (Saskatchewan) Taxes can be confusing.  We hope some of the questions answered below make things just a little easier to understand. 

Dear Daughter - So You Want to Buy a House

Dear daughter, it seems like just yesterday, you were playing house with Barbie dolls, and now you want to buy a real house to live in!  Allow me to make a few comments from a financial planner perspective.

I’m proud of you for making your way, getting an education, and finding a job that suits you and pays enough that you can even consider your own house. 

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Mennonite Trust is now Amity Trust

We’re excited to announce that Mennonite Trust Ltd. is now Amity Trust!

Please watch this short video to hear from our CEO, Cory Regier, on why we’re doing this and to learn about the new name. 

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10 Giving Ideas to Capture Your Imagination

“RATS!!” It’s not an expression that most people associate with respect and charity, but my mind got changed about them in a whiff. I was channel clicking YouTube when I came across a fascinating documentary about a new way to address the aftershocks of war, using these furry little rodents.

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The Most Common Estate Planning Pitfall – Failure to Plan

By Clarence Peters

Most people think that I’m a fairly proactive person who gets things done. They may not have the whole picture. I have a flaw that is common to a lot of people. It leads to the most common estate planning flaw in the world.

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Looking Up

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just days away?  What does that mean to you this year?  Is it another year you will be unable to be with family?  With all that is going on in our world, are you finding it hard to be thankful? 

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Saving for your Children’s Future

Many students leave school with student loans as large as a mortgage. I was blessed that my parents saved for two years of my tuition, which meant a much smaller loan at graduation.

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