Estate Planning Pitfall #3 - Failure to Plan for Probate

Written by Clarence Peters

She had known it was coming for few months now, and finally the day came.  Funeral planning went smoothly, the children came and left, and now many business matters needed attending to.  “Let’s see” she thought, there’s the driver’s license to cancel, CRA to notify, the bank to visit, and a few other estate related tasks to do today.

Providing Peace of Mind

Written by:  Cameron Enns, Investment Advisor

Retirement is full of unknowns. From income stability, to health concerns, to family circumstances, to travel plans, it’s often difficult to predict what that stage of life will hold. A key component of financial planning is creating investment plans today in order to better prepare for retirement. Working with a financial planner to build a retirement projection can help bring clarity to your current financial situation as well as retirement.

Tax Q & A - 2022

Tax Q & A - 2022 Tax Year (Saskatchewan) Taxes can be confusing.  We hope some of the questions answered below make things just a little easier to understand. 

Financial Guidance Through this Season of Life

By: Cameron Enns, Amity Trust Investment Advisor

As a young adult, it’s difficult to prioritize between tuition payments due next week, the first home you plan to buy at 25, and don’t forget about the year you plan to spend backpacking across Europe.  Being a young adult often feels like you’re trying to accomplish a dozen different goals, with each of them changing by the hour. When attempting to find a balance between everyday purchases and long-term goals, individuals can feel constricted by their current financial situation. Adding on to the uncertainty of which goals to prioritize, the world of finances can be confusing, leaving people with a number of questions. What are the tax implications of my decisions? Should I hold money in an RRSP or TFSA? Which choice will bring me closest to my retirement goals?

Navigating Volatile Markets

By: Russell Willems, Chief Investment Officer, Amity Trust

The first half of 2022 has been a difficult start to the markets.  Both stock and bond markets are down double digits as of the end of June.  This means that many conservative portfolios, which typically have a higher bond component, are down over 10%.

In light of this reality, what should be done?  Does it make sense to make changes?  Will the markets keep going down?  These are normal questions that we ponder during times like these.

Estate Planning Pitfall #2 - DIY Wills and Estate Plans

By Clarence Peters

Dear Son,

I’m writing to thank you for asking me about estate planning.  I’m proud of you for the gains you’ve made in life – from education to work, to making family connections.  You’ve prepared for the future before, so it’s mature of you to start planning now.  It gives me comfort to know you’re not going to leave a mess behind for loved ones should you pass on unexpectedly.

Dear Daughter - So You Want to Buy a House

Dear daughter, it seems like just yesterday, you were playing house with Barbie dolls, and now you want to buy a real house to live in!  Allow me to make a few comments from a financial planner perspective.

I’m proud of you for making your way, getting an education, and finding a job that suits you and pays enough that you can even consider your own house. 

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Mennonite Trust is now Amity Trust

We’re excited to announce that Mennonite Trust Ltd. is now Amity Trust!

Please watch this short video to hear from our CEO, Cory Regier, on why we’re doing this and to learn about the new name. 

Bomb-sniffing rat

10 Giving Ideas to Capture Your Imagination

“RATS!!” It’s not an expression that most people associate with respect and charity, but my mind got changed about them in a whiff. I was channel clicking YouTube when I came across a fascinating documentary about a new way to address the aftershocks of war, using these furry little rodents.

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