Complaints Policy

Amity Trust continually seeks to deliver products and service levels that exceed expectations. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, a client may have an unresolved concern. If that is your experience, please contact us so we can work to correct the situation. We will initiate a process designed to provide a satisfactory response to any outstanding concerns or complaints. We want this process to be mutually beneficial.

The following will help facilitate a stream-lined process:

  1. Prompt attention: for best results, communicate your concern immediately after the event. We will respond within five business days of receipt. Complex matters may take a bit longer.  
  2. Documentation: Please gather the relevant information and documentation before contacting us. This will help prevent unnecessary delays.
  3. Direct your complaint to the staff person who served you. If your concern remains unresolved, the staff member’s manager may be able to assist you.

If the concern remains unresolved you may wish to file a complaint in writing to our Complaints Liaison Officer at our Head Office.

You are welcome to review our full complaints policy document:

The Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (FCAA)

If you remain dissatisfied with the proposed resolution and believe the complaint represents a contravention of The Trust and Loan Corporations Act (the “Act”) or The Trust and Loan Corporation’s Regulations (the “Regulations”), you may refer the complaint to the Consumer Credit Division of the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA).

For more information on regulatory issues governed by the FCAA, you may contact them in the following ways ---

Financial & Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan – Consumer Credit Division
Suite 601, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK S4P 4H2

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